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Dear all,

I deployed Q2A on IIS (PHP 5.6.22), Win Server 2012. There are 2 problems and I don't know why:

- Sometimes Q2A slow loading (click a question, admin menu...), I checked Worker Process in IIS, there are some stucked request (POST request from root site, example http://www.question2answer.org/qa), so others requests must wait. I recycled App Pool of Q2A site, it's ok.

- If I click link to question in email, browser (chrome) always loading..., then show ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error. I am from Vietnam, so URL has Vietnamese character (e.g. thá»­...). Update: this problem is resolved (error in config)

I tried to use rewrite module of IIS, but not work.

Thank you

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I suggest you can try to use WAMP in windows or apache in ubuntu (better).