Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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  • It will also convert your img to amp-img
  • AMP works on both mobile and desktop
  • For logged in users it will serve non-AMP theme

For demo check this site : https://electronics2electrical.com/23414/why-silicon-is-preferred-over-ge

You can check AMP here : https://validator.ampproject.org/

Theme : AMP by Zeeshan v1.1

If you want to buy this theme contact : mrzeeshanplus@gmail.com

Does it work for all Q2A pages? Is there a demo?
Thanks. It looks a simple view without any plugins which is okay for AMP. But what'll happen to the desktop view? I mean for this theme to work should we disable all plugins or is it handled inside theme only?
Thank you. I suppose sidebar is hidden in the theme to avoid any widget incompatibility with amp. That's fine for me anyway. Can you please provide payment option?
can you share the demo with us?

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AMP by Zeeshan v1.1 is Available Now

I want try this
Please email me for price mrzeeshanplus@gmail.com
Thanks. Will you be sending the new version for the previous buyers?
Actually this is not only theme.
I have done so many modifications in core. It will display AMP version on both desktop and mobile for non logged in users and for logged in users it will have non amp site. And sorry not sending new version because it have so many changes also I have increase its cost 10x.
Then no issue.