Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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Here are some impressive stats:

  • Question2answer is used on 25,000+ sites
  • Among the 25,000+ sites, MILLIONS of people use the sites every day. (I heard about question2answer because I used to be a member on a site powered by question2answer )
That is why the development of q2a is important. Millions of people rely on this platform. So I want to say thanks to all of the volunteers working on development!

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Feature-wise, this is the most impressive Q & A script out there. I have tested a lot of QA scripts including AnsPress, Joomla Community Answers, MooSocial Q/A, IPS Q/A, XenForo Q/A and Vanilla/Flarum Best Answer. I think Q2A beats them in terms of ease of use, performance and user-friendliness. It's simple yet  you have the features needed for a QA site. I don't know the underlying code though if it's impressive than the others.

What's disappointing is the development pace as Shvonder mentioned. While IPS Community and XenForo (I think the two most popular forum system nowadays) are trying very hard to improve their QA system (IPS just announced a very minor improvement), Q2A seems losing interest in developing this script if we base it on the number of commits in GitHub.

When XenForo announce its QA system, it generates a lot of interest from their community. One of the most popular suggestion in XenForo is to be able to comment on questions and answers (a native feature of Q2A).

I guess there are a lot of users who needs this script, it's just that they don't know yet Q2A just like me before.

I'm hoping there will be a continued development of this nice software.

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It can be one of the best platforms in coming days
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He's not impressive, he's disappointing. They are increasingly abandoning this platform.
We have to motivate them to keep going!