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Thanks for the beautiful template.

I use rtl. And I want to change the color of the template from blue to the desired color. Please help.

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Go to this Line 17 in qa-styles.css, all the instructions for changing the colors are already there.

For quick reference these are 9 variable you can edit. you can find all these color variants here https://material.io/resources/color

  --primary-700: #002de3;

  --primary-700-rgb: 65, 102, 245; /* convert --primary-700 to rgb */

  --primary-light-700: #4b6fff;

  --primary-dark-700: #001e94;

  --primary-200: #738fff;

  --secondary-200: #ffab91;

  --secondary-dark-200: #c97b63;

  --secondary-light-200: #ffddc1;

  --secondary-100: #ffccbc;

Important note-

After editing css minify it because MayroPro use qa-styles.min.css instead of qa-styles.css or you can simply comment Line 28 to Line 31 in qa-theme.php to use qa-styles.css.