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I can't find that css3 in code...

Theme: snowflat

v 1.8.6

How can I individualize background colors for the titles of different categories without repeating a single color in the question list panel?

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You have to add css for each category as

body.qa-template-qa.qa-category-3 .qa-main-heading {

    background-color: #3498db;


the "3" in code in category id change it accordingly

I don't know what detail I'm overlooking. For example, on this page, category 3 would be plugins. I apply the instruction but there is no background in this category label in blue color. What am I doing wrong?

I put the instruction at the end of the code thinking that it will execute but it doesn't give me

see attached
Oh I answered for the page title background color, and what you are asking is not possible because The category name in post meta doesn't have unique class for every category.