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How to make serach engine index my site quickly.
Q2A version: How to make serach engine index my site quickly.
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Buy the company running the search engine. Otherwise you'll have to wait your turn like everyone else.
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You have to w8 atleast 8-10 month and make genuine content , then google will quickly index your content , in my case my web is 16 month old with 3k questions so every new question index within a hour of its creation ! have patience , provide quality content else indexing will not make even any sense
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Get rid of the crawl blocks in your robots.txt file.
Get rid of any unwanted noindex tags.
Include the page in the sitemap that you have.
Remove rogue canonical tags
Make sure that the page isn't missing its parent.
Repair broken nofollow links on the inside.
Include "strong" internal links in your post.
Make sure the page is valuable and distinctive
Eliminate pages of poor quality in order to maximise the effectiveness of the "crawl budget."
Build backlinks of a good grade.

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Request indexing your page as soon as it is live. Use some bookmarking sites. Update your sitemap. Then take rest and wait for google notice you : )
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Search Engines like Google takes a long time to index the sites if somehow you are changing the theme of content. If you want to index your website as soon as you published the content following points will definitely help you.

  1. Create Optimized URLs
  2. Make sure to avoid Caniblization
  3. Use proper 301 Redirects 
  4. Remove 302 Redirects 
  5. Publish Regularly 
  6. Optimize your website's Internal Linking Structure 
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