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How can I change url http://www.livechatwithdoctor.com/qa/278/aneurysm-on-left-upper-are-hand to http://www.livechatwithdoctor.com/qa/aneurysm-on-left-upper-are-hand-278 for better indexing? Also, I have done everything like submitting sitemap and rest of the SEO things..Not sure I need to wait more or change my subdirectory? Questions are coming with the help of google adwords only..?

Also I can see question2answer.org question urls look absolutely same as I have but it is better indexed..Any SEO or more questions posted is the key? How much time this website took to appear on google search.
Q2A version: latest one

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The URLs of Q2A are perfectly fine and indexable (just Google search some of the sites in the directory).

I did a site search on your site and it came up with URLs like this: http://www.livechatwithdoctor.com/qa/?404;http://www.livechatwithdoctor.com:80/16/post/2012/2/first-post.html

So I think you have a problem there with some redirections or something. But apart from that the main Q2A section is fine, your questions are only a few days old so you need to give Google time to come to the site and index everything. There are millions of pages on the web and Google cannot visit every single page at once.