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I'm using the "qa-verified-accounts-master" plugin and it works fine.

But the defect in it is that the Blue Verification mark appears only within the question pages, in the answer or comment, and the list of the latest activities only.

How can I modify this plugin so that it appears everywhere (profile, messages, etc...)

Meaning, I want it to become part of the person's name, as is the case on social networking sites.


class qa_html_theme_layer extends qa_html_theme_base


    function post_meta_who($post, $class) // show usernames of privileged users in italics


        require_once QA_INCLUDE_DIR.'qa-app-users.php'; // for QA_USER_LEVEL_BASIC constant

        if (isset($post['raw']['opostid'])) // if item refers to an answer or comment...

            $level=@$post['raw']['olevel']; // ...take the level of answer or comment author


            $level=@$post['raw']['level']; // otherwise take level of the question author

        if ($level>=QA_USER_LEVEL_EXPERT){  // if level is more than Expert user..

            $post['who']['suffix'] = '<span title=" Verified Acoount" class="icon-ok-circled" style="font-size: 16px;display: inline-flex;vertical-align: middle;color: #77c7f7;margin-top:3px;


            $post['who']['data']=@$post['who']['data']; // ...add italics


        qa_html_theme_base::post_meta_who($post, $class);



Q2A version: V1.8.6

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