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When someone click one Facebook LIKE button then on his facebook wall that question posted with 'Share this question via Email' Thumbnail. Is it possible to show a particular thumbnail (avatar image of the questioner) if question have no other picture?

Thank you.

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Good question :) Here's how I did it:

        function head_custom() {
            if (qa_opt('buddypress_integration_enable') && qa_opt('buddypress_integration_avatars'))
                $avatar = preg_replace('|.*src="([^"]+)".*|i','$1',bp_core_fetch_avatar( array( 'item_id' => $this->content['q_view']['raw']['userid'], 'width' => qa_opt('buddypress_integration_avatar_w'), 'height' => qa_opt('buddypress_integration_avatar_h'), 'email' => $email ) ));
            else if(isset($this->content['q_view']['avatar']))
                $avatar = preg_replace('|.*SRC="([^"]+)".*|i','$1',$this->content['q_view']['avatar']);
                $this->output('<link rel="image_src" href="'.$avatar.'" />');


This puts a link in your page's header to the image, with rel="image_src", which facebook should pick up.  It should work for non-wp integration and buddypress integration (via buddypress plugin).  For ordinary wp-integration, you'll have to figure out how to get the avatar url yourself.


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Thank you for quick answer.

I put this code in qa-theme-base.php by replacing
        function head_custom()
        {} // abstract method

But getting internal server error.  I am not using wordpress/buddypress. Am I doing something wrong?
This code doesn't belong in qa-theme-base.php, it belongs in a custom layer, or in a theme's qa-theme.php file.  If for some reason you need to put it in qa-theme-base.php, remove the last line of the function, and it should work, but that's really a bad idea.