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We have a need to set read only mode to forum.

Means all questions/answer/comments are still available while it's impossible to change any data. Also it should not be possible to register new users or sign in.

Are there any ways to do it?

So far I consider to use Access tab on settings, but I'm not sure it will cover all my needs.

Q2A version: 1.8.6

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Based on your explanation, all you want to do is to block the posting of questions, answers and comments. This can be done with a filter module. Just implement the three methods there and make sure to force an error.

However, the issue is that a person will try to answer and THEN they will see the error. So I would complement this by:

  • Adding a notice that shows the site as read-only
  • Using a layer to remove the ask button
  • Using a process module to redirect the user away from the ask page (e.g.: if (qa_request() === 'ask') { qa_redirect('') }

Note I wouldn't know what the impact would be of having a redirect on the ask page from a SEO perspective.