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I have two sites and each one has a different database

I want to merge them together

Is this possible?
Q2A version: 1.8.6
Possible: probably yes (technically). Feasible: probably not so much, since you'd have to export the data from one database and insert them into the second database in a manner that avoids conflicts with existing records. May not be worth the effort.

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Merging two websites with different databases may be possible depending on the type of databases and how they are structured. One possible way is to use SQL commands to insert data from one database into another.

Another possible way is to use a data integration tool combining data from multiple sources. However, merging data may also involve challenges, such as resolving conflicts, ensuring consistency and avoiding duplication. You may want to consult a professional web developer for more guidance on how to merge your websites safely and effectively.
Inserting data directly via SQL is usually not recommended for Q2A, b/c the substantial amount of cached information in Q2A would not get updated then.