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In v1.5 updated from 1.3 the function: function a_list shows a small bug. Its only relevant for design purposes. Even if a_list is empty there is shown in the source code :


<span id="a_list_title"></span>
The title it self is not visible but once one borders the <h2> in the design shows up an empty box.
I set back to default and it was still there, but obviously I am not sure if have done something wrong somewhere before. However the source code shows an empty h2 what is as well not a desired practice i would think.
Q2A version: v1.5

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This was an intended change in behavior, to make it easy to display "1 Answer" if an answer is submitted via Ajax. Is this something that is difficult to work around?
No, I ll find a way through nested classes. No problem so far. More elegant would be getting rid of the empty <h2>. But this is not urgent at all.