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Gave this application a 5 star rating at hotscripts.. LOVE IT!

I downloaded and installed 1.4.3 and I see there is a new beta available.. should I hang on and wait till it's not beta any more before upgrading? I have not touched any core files as of yet except one language file (which IMHO should be moved all to the lang folder)

Grabbed the mobile theme and that worked great on my moto xprt cell but..  I am using a custom html header and it is picking that up.. How do I tweak the mobile theme qa-theme.php to not call the custom html, but instead insert specific header logo and navigation just for this mobile theme?

Also is there supposed to be a area to switch theme besides in the admin with the theme switcher plugin ?

The face book sign in works here but not on my site, othing happens when you click it

The print plugin has an issue also. The print page comes up but a sql warning also shows:
Notice: Use of undefined constant qa_html_theme_layer_5 - assumed 'qa_html_theme_layer_5' in /home/myweb/public_html/Q2A/qa-include/qa-app-format.php(1265) : eval()'d code on line 118

I am sure there will be more questions, but just setting this up tonight, got some content in, using it more like a knowledgebase with allowing people to ask questions for the pros to answer.. I already had one question to answer!


Q2A version: 1.4.3
I'll put that on tomorrows todo list.. my boys (28 & 33) woke us at 7a with cymbils and drums.. ugh I am exhusted and trying to document the changes I made for the mobile pages in and outside of Q2A.. can I upload that some where here for others? Or should I just start a new post with the info?
Merry Christmas :) the wiki might be a good place:


but you'll have to make a place for it first.
Okay, I think the print plugin should work as expected now, please update to latest code
PERFECTION Noah! Works now in both FF8 and MSIE8

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Instead of editing the lang files, make your own in the lang folder and just put strings in it that you want changed.  See here:


The print warning can be safely ignored, I think; I may have fixed it now in the latest update.  Try and let me know.

The theme switcher doesn't work for 1.5 yet, but 1.5 has mobile theme functionality in the core.  Theme switching is at the user's profile page.

Tweaking themes is explained here:

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Thanks Noah, I'll get to that tomorrow..
I did read that language info earlier breifly, but wqs a little unclear.. So I can make a language folder: ENG (English) or would it be US ??
OK I see it is US now.. I can proceed with that modification

I just read the themes info also breifly, but I still am also unclear as to how to not include the cstom html header block but nstead a block that would be unique just to the mobile theme.

I take it you are saying I could cool my heels about moving to 1.5 at this point?

I also found another issue, the share widget spits:
Notice: Undefined index: email in /home/dotinfo/public_html/Q2A/qa-plugin/NoahY-q2a-share-087b77b/qa-share-widget.php on line 46

and the facebook login does nothing [sigh]
If you need the theme-switcher, I wouldn't update yet - I still haven't looked at how to make it work with the new function system.

share widget should be fixed now.

facebook login isn't mine... someone should really make a janrain engage plugin, that's awesomeness.
theme switcher seems to work in 1.5 now - figured out how to use function plugging :)
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Seems to me for the custom headers or any other add-on html, you could enclose it in named divs and then set the ones you don't want to "display:none;" in the CSS for the respective themes.
owwww... thats a very wise idea.. will see if I can get that accomplished :) so how then do you suggest I get a smaller cell size logo and some text nav up there for the mobile theme?
worked after a little bit of fooling around. I also now have a nice litle java on the main non-Q2A index that sweetly redirects on iphone, android and blackberry.. I have android my sons have BB and iphone so this AM was perfect to test.. last thing on this site is tweak the mobile CSS
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A few days ago I had that same issue after a long time working well. Gidgreen wrote that the the new facebook sdk needs php 5.x at least. So it may be a server problem.

So first You could check which php version Your server is running. If You can change it to 5.x download the new version q2a 1.5 and copy the facebook login php to Your include folder. First rename the old file.

Some people received a facebook mail that they have to change to the new sdk.

If it is not that, please comment again.
Correction: .... copy the facebook-login folder from the v.1.5 plugin folder to Your actual plugin folder after renaming the old facebook-login folder...