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I seem to have a bug or error or worm or something on my site from Q2A. I was using this q2a software on my site years ago and I removed it some time ago - years as well.

However, I have been getting a lot of spam form submissions on my site lately and they are originating from pages that would have been from my q2a answer section on my site (ask-a-trustee) but are newly created pages.

The pages also don't exist when I open them in the browser.

Some examples:




Does anyone know what is going on and how to remove q2a completely so I don't get these spam forms and spam pages being added to my site. Thanks)

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Hello, did you remove the database? Spammers are doing this with some softwares, not manually. If you still keep the database, it's possible that they can continue spamming.

If you integrated your qa script into Wordpress, get a full backup of your db and then delete all the qa tables. Also delete all the users at your Wordpress installation.