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I have 3 Q2A instances running with a shared user base. I think I found how (in the related question) IP-banned users were able to register for new accounts - they used one of the other 2 sites.

So if I ban an IP on Site 1, that IP is not banned on Site 2 and they can register and post. Is there a way to copy IP bans to other sites automatically? In the docs for events there is one for when a user is blocked, but not for IPs.
Q2A version: 1.4

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Good question. I will add an event for IP address blocking or unblocking in 1.5 beta 2. In the meantime, you can also do this with a function override for qa_set_option(...) in the current beta - whenever the option is changed, copy it across to all other sites.

My live site is still on 1.4 so overrides won't work. But it's fine, I can copy the IP addresses across for now.