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Pardon me for being complete novice. I have been asked to integrate this and needs some help in implementing these features for Q&A platform:

1. When a user search for a question , user should first select the city and then search the relevant question,
  • The name of the city for search should auto populate from google map api, that is as soon as user start writing the name of the city google map api starts giving the suggestion, 
  • There should be a Google map of the city at the top right hand corner of the result page
2. When a user ask any question, user should first select the city and then ask any question, Validation that user cant ask any question without first selecting the city
3. Similarly in the database all the questions to be indexed along with their relevant city
4. A modification in the stackoverflow theme to include the City  as an input parameter and validation that search should proceed only after the city name has been entered.

5. I also need blog entries from wordpress to be displayed in the middle of right hand corner

Q2A version: 1.5
quick question: can you code in PHP?
sorry no, i m c++, java guy, trying to pickup php
well, everything you want to do can be done, afaics... it has more to do with Google Maps than Q2A; everything on Q2A side is simple and well-documented (thanks, Gideon!) here:


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