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Hi !

I want to show related questions in wordpress posts. Im using the Q2A in other installation, not integrated with wordpress.

If someone know how to do this code please tell me the value.

This might be complicated, especially when in another database. How would you envision this working with multisite?

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So much depends on the detail, but a very simple solution is 2 minutes work.

If you click the WordPress tag below your question, you get a page of WordPress related questions. At the bottom of the sidebar on the right is an RSS feed for those questions.

This is easily shown in a standard widget, or there are several WordPress plugins that allow you to include output from an RSS feed in your posts.

Showing the data is very easy, but gets more involved if you want to extract tags from your page and handle situations where there are no related questions. I cannot envisage anything that would take more han a couple of hours work for a competent coder.