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I would like to disable, hide or relink "My details", because we use external code to handle authentication. Since upgrading to 1.5 the users can click My Updates and get then a link in the navigation to their account page.

I know, that I could remove it in qa-include/qa-app-format.php, but I would like to do it, so that i t survives an upgrade.

Thanks for your answers!
Q2A version: 1.4 Prod / 1.5 Test

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Thanks for spotting this - it's actually a bug since it doesn't make sense for that link to be displayed if you're using external user integration.

You can fix it in qa-page-favorites.php by adding:


... before ...


This fix will be rolled into the Q2A 1.5.1 release. Thanks again!

Many thanks for your quick answer. I verified it already and it works. So I can plan the upgrade of our prod system now.