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After uploading an image to the profile, the following error message appears:

PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  channels in /qa-include/qa-util-image.php on line 72


Line 72 is:
// memory to load original image


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This appears to be a PHP bug - the documentation promises these elements will always be in the array, but in fact they can sometimes be absent. I'll look into fixing this for Q2A 1.5.1.
I can see them on your site, but can't reproduce them in my own Q2A 1.5. Did you modify qa-page-account.php at all, or the qa_handle_email_filter() function in qa-app-users-edit.php, or something else in the core code?
Hi gidgreen, thanks for your help. To prevent email editing I did change qa-page-account.php: After line 221 I added: 'type' => 'static'.
I got this tip here from q2a-forum.

Now I removed this line, uploaded a new avater, and the errors are gone.

Mhh.. so that brings back the other question: How to disable the edit option for usermails?
If you want to make the email not editable, just change this in qa-page-account.php:


... to ...


You can then give the email field a type of 'static'.
very good. Tested it, now changing the avatars works without any error message.

Thank you a lot!

PS: The only thing left is the undefined index bug posted in the original question according to my error.log ;)