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I am developing a custom layer for the user profile page, as I want to design the page a bit differently (basically do away with tables). However, I noticed that there are several "form" arrays that are built on the user page, like [form_profile], [form_activity] etc. I only want layer to have an effect on the [form_profile] output. How would I code this? how would I know when the code is parsing the [form_profile] to only apply the changes there? How would the code now that it's up to the form_profile?

BTW, for now I am using in my layer, something like this:

function form_body($form)

                if ($this->template=='user') {

//CODE GOES HERE - How do I check that I'm up to the [form_profile] array in the code???

??  if (THIS IS THE form_profile) {



Q2A version: 1.5

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Check $this->context['part'] within your layer code.