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It is very nice and useful plugin, just downloaded it and I am having few problems to get it to work right.

First thing I noticed was that the bade ‘Autobiograper’ was awarded for lot of people who had not filled in any of their profile fields.

Second thing, after changing some values, awarded badges that did not apply to some of the users anymore did not change although I did Manually check for all deserved awards.

There is probably simple solution for this, any advice?

Q2A version: 1.5
don't know about the autobiographer, it should work.  As for the second problem, did you check "Remove all badges from database first" when rebuilding?
I did check ‘remove all the badges from database firs’  but it had no effect. Then I deleted all the badge plug-in files and uploaded them again and received the following error message on all pages. And admin section was not accessible anymore so I hade to remove the files to get rid of the error message.

Question2Answer query failed:

SELECT badge_slug FROM wshqa_userbadges WHERE user_id=NULL AND notify>=1

Error 1146: Table 'ghost_wsbhwdb.whqa_userbadges' doesn't exist

As far as the autobiographer badge is concerned, I realized that it was awarded to the user when full name and location was filled in. I was thinking if it is possible to change it so that the user bio and any other extra filed that is added must be filled in as well before the autobiographer badge is awarded to the user.

Thank You
both problems should be fixed now - not sure about the original problem about undeserved badges.  Which badges are they?

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