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I'd like to remove some functions (like changing Font and Size) of ckEditor for people giving an answer or commenting.

However I do want these functions to show up for people asking a question.

Anyone a clue on how to do this easily?

EDIT: I guess the easiest way would be by duplicating the wysiwyg plugin and modifying that one to what I need and then select this modified plugin as the default editor for answers and comments @ admin panel. HOWEVER, duplicating that wysiwyg plugin folder gives me a heck load of errors :-(

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The suggested solution is to edit the core/config.js

That is, you need to add a line of code on your config.js


config.fontSize_sizes = '16/16px;24/24px;48/48px;';

This should restrict the font size to 16,24,48 only.


But, unfortunately this solution does not work for me. Give a try!

Hi Rez,

Thank you for your answer, however, your solution would effect the ckEditor in general.

I actually want a fully functional editor for people who are asking questions, and a stripped one for answers/comments....

Any ideas?