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How would I create a similar page like Q2A, that would match my theme and everything for my Q&A? I would like a portal type page that explains a bit out about the site, then they can have other tabs like "FAQ" "About Us" and whatever else, and then you click my "Blab and Blurt Q&A" and then it brings you to the actual Q&A area.

Am I making since?


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This will be possible in version 1.1, so I hope you can wait a few weeks!
Thank you :)
i sure can't wait, i took the liberty of doing this myself also! though i do have one concern, i am hosting 2 different Q2A services and am curious how i might come about putting them both in this. I imagine you did not think of this, but maybe you did.  :P
Just to clear this up, there was no 1.1 in the end - Q2A went straight to 1.2.
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in 1.1 or 1.2? If it is in 1.2 I guess I'm not seeing it?
For an individual homepage- go to - Admin-> Layout-> Custom content in home page (instead of Q&A) .
Oh thank you so much that helped a lot.

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