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The blobid of my image looks like that: ?qa=blob&qa_blobid=8174497505868183123

Now I need for facebook a specific image url so that this image can show up in the users wall. BUT. How to get the blob_id for each image ?

Actually I am working on the function q_item_main($q_item)

ANd, besides, the images are stored in the database ? There is no way to store them in a folder ?

With 10.000 pictures of 1MB each one would have a database of 10 Gigas ? Or are they stored compressed or resized ?

Thanks so far !
Q2A version: 1.5

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Use/adjust the mouse-over plugin to grab the content of a question, filter the IMG out by using preg_replace.
Thank you for the hint, I could resolve it with string explode after talking the q view array..

But now I am really concerned of the images stored in database. Would be important to know what are the limits there or what is too much...
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Please read about the functions in qa-db-blobs.php and qa-app-blobs.php