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Hello, I've just set up my wp-integrated installation of Q2A. Everything seems to look fine but whenever I try to vote a question this error shows up:

"Unexpected response from server - please try again or switch off Javascript."

If you want to look with your eyes...:


P.S I know this question was already posted but none of the asnwers already given solved my problem...

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I used a packet inspector to take a look and it seems like the Q2A Ajax request is being intercepted by some kind of poll plugin in WordPress - the response says "Invalid Poll ID". Perhaps this poill plugin is interfering with requests that should be within Q2A's directory?
gidgreen THANK YOU very much. I have just disabled "WP-Polls" plugin in my blog and voting the answer immediately worked!
Thank you again for your time and your answer.

Just in case it might be helpful for some further inspection, this is the link of the plugin: