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I use diffrent browser window to post and answer  the question,but can`t receive  the email.

My site is on the  godaddy.  and I use another theme.

have select the option  Email me () if my question is answered or commented on.

Q2A version: 1.5

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Try setting Q2A up to send emails via SMTP - this is available in the 'Emails' section of the admin panel.
yes,I have use the SMTP on my computer to test, I use gmail smtp this time,but there is another error.

 PHP Warning:  fsockopen() [<a href='function.fsockopen'>function.fsockopen</a>]: unable to connect to ssl://smtp.gmail.com:465 (Unable to find the socket transport &quot;ssl&quot; - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?) in D:\\wamp\\www\\qa-include\\qa-class.smtp.php on line 122, referer: http://localhost/?qa=admin&qa_1=mailing
there is something wrong with php.ini?