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I am planning to use a signature plugin but I am just wondering if I can edit members signatures as an admin. As from my experience at running a forum I do often need to edit signatures for various reason or even delete it if necessary.

Also is there any way I can allow signatures only for user with certain member level or points count.

Thank You

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Thanks for the suggestion, I've implemented both now - note, this means a requirement for at least Q2A version 1.5
Thank you for making these changes so fast, I have installed the plugin and it works great.

There is however one thing I noticed, when the answer is selected as a the best answer then the signature does not show, I don’t know it that is a bug or it is made that way.

Thank you again,
I think this is a problem with the ajax posting; it seems not to allow plugins to modify what it returns.  If you refresh the page, you will see that the selected answer does actually have a signature, just not when you have just selected it.