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The tutorial beneath will make you capable of accessing the count of tags in your theme.


Add this function:

    function qa_db_tag_count_qs_selectspec($tag)
        return array(
            'columns' => array('tagcount'),
            'source' => '^words WHERE word=$',
            'arguments' => array($tag),
            'arrayvalue' => 'tagcount',
            'single' => true,

To qa-include/qa-db-selects.php

P.S. you don't need to paste the function above in qa-db-selects.php if you have version 1.4 of q2a. It's only for 1.5.


Then head over to your qa-theme.php file.

Use this code to get the count of any tag:


In the example above, the tag is Economy.


Good luck everyone!

Q2A version: 1.5
thanks for that.
Thanks men! :)

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