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Really Weird issue happening with me while creating custom HTML home page.

First to know, I have check all open close tags bla bla..

Issue is I am having few unorder list with image, text and link. also using jquery slider. Everything is fine till if I am adding list item for certain number. Like 10 or 11 but as sson as I add 12th whole layout massed up even very strang thing is that qa-foooter where it should be out of the qa-main div but when adding 12th list item it jump into qa-main div. Weird. Pulling hair since 3 hrs. I have tried to write manually into HTML text area of admin panel but nothing working.. is it bug or what?

While posting this question I cross check with simple div and p tag adding at the end but as sson as I add it (not even list item but simple div) layout massed up. Is it that Q2A allowing limite lines of code or what?

Again cross check with default theme and causing the same issue. I believe either there is a bug or Q2A allwing limited code for custom HTML home page.

Any idea guyz
Q2A version: 1.5
Please post a link or provide the HTML code that you are inserting in the custom home page.
Honestly, I can't post entire code as that is my client's content but I can give you line numbers and can try or may be let me try with some dummy content and will post here.

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