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Latest Upgrade ( 22 June 2010 )

The feeds do not display correctly in Chrome, this is more than likely a browser issue.
Tested in IE FF and Chrome

Just chrome seems to be the issue ( no doubt a fault our end )

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[This is a question about a non-public release.]

Please post the URL of the feed in question so I can take a look!
-Confused; he wonders about this non-public release-
Why does he have a non-public release?
Here is an example Gid:


Uing Chrome: 5.0.375.70
Dakota - he has it because he asked for it by email. Anyone is welcome to the same. I just don't think it's yet ready to be put online.

SportTipsWorld - it seems Chrome doesn't support displaying any RSS feed - I tried some others online and got similar results.
Yeah, you are indeed correct. I have only just realised this. One of our other sites has same issue, I had never noticed before:

Dakota, apologies mate. I approached Gid, and requested includion on any beta releases, so that we may test and play with the code. We have two concurrent installs running off one database, to test out functionality and indeed reliability.