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I mod the facebook login plugin, I want that if user that connected with facebook login publish on his  facebook wall every action on my web site, for example if he post a question, a reply or a comment.

I added in facebook login plugin setup these options:

option 1) X Enable auto publish on wall of users

option 2) X If user publish a question add X points

option 3) X If user publish a reply add X points

option 4) X If  user post a comment add X points

the next step is of add option on user profile, I think that the option is active for default but if a user wich if he enable or disable this option of his activity

I must make a link/trig to function on setup profile page of users for add this option and a link/trig to actions of posting new question, new comments and new replies
Q2A version: 1.5
I solved part of publishing for every event, now I must add user option for disable this
Nice idea. I was also trying to publish all my question in my Facebook Page Wall. Can you please share how u have done it.

second this!

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hey provide me that modded files
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I suggest publishing this "mod" as another plugin. The current facebook plugin is a basic login plugin.

+ best would be to push the plugin to github.