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I'm searching how to see who vote a question or an answer!

How happen with Google plus when you see who has rated + a url or something i'd like that there is the same possibility on the question on Q&A.

So i can see if some users enjoy toput down every time and so i can block or ban them immediately.

good idea for a good plugin. Who tries to implement it (check out DisgruntledGoat's post below)?
Same request also for the FLAG that are an other action that some user abuse to obtain the automatic hidden of a question.
I hope that someone can give us a solution

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There is no method within Q2A so it would be a good idea for a plugin.

But you can find it direct in the database. If you use something like phpMyAdmin you can run a query like this:

SELECT u.handle, v.vote, v.flag
FROM qa_posts p, qa_uservotes v, qa_users u
WHERE v.postid=p.postid AND v.userid=u.userid
AND p.postid=0000

Replace 0000 with the actual post ID that you want (the one in the URL). You could also add things like AND v.vote=-1 to find downvotes, or v.flag=1 to find flags.

Super stuff idea...
yes is correct! I can find who do the action but i'am the admin and so i can block who abuse but the really utility is for all the users that for me can be important who are others users and if they are only a convulsive clickers or also good asker and answers.
Thanks for idea but if this action will be inserted in a plug in will be surely one of the great plug in that i will use.
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Yes, developers should consider it :) can be really helpful..
I hope that someone of the great developers will give us this plug in.
i'm happy to not be alone in this request