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Q2A works fine on my live site, but I just set up a test Q2A on localhost on my laptop. I am using WampServer.

On the URL Structure section in settings, the top two options do not say OK, but the bottom three do. However, I can select the top option and it seems to work fine for the questions on the site.

The "test page" in the iframe is a long encoded URL so I'm guessing there is a problem there somewhere. When I open it, I get a "Not Found" error.

The URL: /url/test/%24%26-_~%23%25%5C%40%5E%2A%28%29%3D%21%28%29%5D%5B%60%27%3B%3A%7C".%7B%7D%2C<>%3F%23+π§½Жש?dummy=&param=%24%26-_~%23%25%5C%40%5E%2A%28%29%3D%21%28%29%5D%5B%60%27%3B%3A%7C".%7B%7D%2C<>%3F%23+π§½Жש

Is there an Apache or PHP setting that would affect this? I have the Apache Rewrite module and the PHP mbstring module, and other standard modules.

Q2A version: 1.5.2
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I'm also facing same problem on WAMP server.

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I found the answer to this a little while ago. You need to turn on the option AllowEncodedSlashes. This can only be done in the httpd.conf, not in htaccess. Just add it inside the <VirtualHost> section:

<VirtualHost localhost>
    DocumentRoot "C:/rootpath"
    ServerName localhost
    AllowEncodedSlashes On

If that doesn't work there are some other possibilities on this page where I got the above solution. They might work.

Just spent 3 hours finding the same conclusion. I wish I saw your answer before!