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It would be great if a user could see that symbol and when hovering or clicking a message would appear "You need to be registered or logged in to perform this action".

How to get this functionality ?


I am still looking for a solution. for 1.6.2 now.

One can add an image link visible for not logged in users, but if this one gets clicked the action must be performed a second time after the user registered.

That is not really smooth.

Many new users like to click the favorite button (..add to my favorites...) and even register after redirecting them, but after that they believe that the action was performed and the question was added to the favorites already, why they do not click on the now normal favorite button for the same question again....

I did not succeed manipulating the qa-page-question.php line 48.... and around 186....

Any help is welcome.

Having the button and redirect to the register page works really very well....


Q2A version: 1.5.2

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