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i'd want to know and to see how many users i have on my site.

i read on the right the number of comments of answer and feedbacks but i'd like to have also the number of users registered.

I've found a plug in that say who is on line but frequentl does not work correct and also has a graphic interface that is too different from my site style.

Thank to all


i know that there is the way because i've seen on a commerciali theme of Q&A but i do not found how to have this information

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Look for the Activity Count Widget. In Admin > Layout you can add a widget for that, which you can see on the sidebar of the main page here. For example it says 3,246 users.

Thank you and yoi know what is this plug in?
Because i've not found it :-(
It is a built-in plugin which is in the file qa-include/qa-widget-activity-count.php
i can note have accesso to that file that i think has been modified.. ( because i see all except the number of users )
so for this i'm searching a new plug in
I've tried to remove and to re-add the widhet but it continue to present only questions comment and answer , not the number of users? :-(