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I have some questions that are not showing up as possible duplicates when a user asks a question, but then get shown in the "related questions" sidebar. I believe the plugin uses a question's content as well as its title, but this question was blank.

The question asked: "How do you get a rainbow wing in HeartGold" with no body.

The existing question: "Where can you find a Rainbow Wing in HeartGold?" (several upvotes).

They are so similar it seems strange that it doesn't show up when I type the first one into the title box on the ask form.

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The ask form suggestions are based on the question title only, whereas on the question page it's based on title, tags and category. The exact reasons in this case will depend on the maths, which are different in the two cases.
What is the reasoning behind having different answers display in the Ask form and Related Questions? I can't think of any good reason to do that. How about "Search" results, they are same as "Related questions"?
How do we remove some words like "how, what and ..." from related questions in ask question query for better suggestion.