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How can we enable users to register in different groups?

I find that most of time users can be put into two different kinds: user gives question and user answer questions, and the truth is most of users answer question are professional on the field that question is related. so why not we seperate users at the beginning for registation. 

I make this website using question2answer: www.hipengyou.net.  For 'foreigners' asking questions about China, questions will be answered by chinese of course. 

in this case, users can be classified into two groups: foreigners and chinese.

in fact, this kind of mode can be applied to many ways: professor to students, manager to employees ..... 

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You would need to customize the registration page with an additional field (a layer would be sufficient) then take note of the value of that field when the account is created.
get you! thank you very much boss.
hi gidgreen, can you give a detailed example for this
Can you expalin briefly in which file have to change and how we can permit access to two different users?