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Having a reward of 20 Euros for the best user unfortunately brings up fraud.

A guy registered as another user and voted for his own answers to receive many more points.

Now I blocked the user and want to remove his votes. How to do this the easiest way?


Edit: Can I just remove the according rows from qa_uservotes without consequences?

Edit 2: I removed the rows, however, no change in user points and still the same vote count for the answers!

Edit 3: I found "a_vote_nil" and "q_vote_nil" in qa-app-votes.php, function qa_vote_set they are passed to function qa_report_event. However, I do not understand this function at all... help

Edit 4: I ended up limiting votes per hour (see admin >stats), and limiting votes for new users, they need a certain amount of points to be able to vote.


Try to clean-up database at Admin > Stats > Database clean-up operations, click all items and see if it helps (If you removed rows).
THANKS! this worked.

We definitely need a plugin (or core feature @gidgreen) to remove user votes somehow...

PS: What is the "refill event streams" option?
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Scott mentioned this as well on 28 Feb, quoting his post:

"However you need to do it [cleaning up database] if any time you manually edit or delete something in the database.

In general there is never a need to do that, but there may be occasional situations, e.g. before now I've removed votes that people gave to themselves from duplicate accounts, and needed to redo the points calculations."


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Well, I had to do it manually:

1. open phpmyadmin, find userid in qa_users

2. go to table qa_uservotes, find userid (SEARCH LIKE) and delete all votes

3. >Admin >Stats do [Recount Posts] and then [Recalculate User Points]

4. done

I asked myself: How do you remove all votes of a certain user? By deleting him?

If you know an answer, let us know :)


If not, we need a plugin for this for sure =)