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change the license!!!

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Sorry but it's not going to happen, at least not yet! The current license gives you all the permission you need to freely deploy and modify Q2A on the web, while keeping some options open for future commercialization.
Gidgreen, I think what you've done with the software so far is extraordinary. I fully support the potential for a future (paid) version - I can only imagine what that would allow you to do with the software.

I'm pretty sure when researching what q&a software to use I came across a couple of gpl/mit-type licensed editions. As it happened, they had nothing on q2a.

Please don't fix anything that isn't broken.
Cant we use this software, once you make it commercialize? Or any particular features will not be available to free version?
I imagine there will always be a free version for public websites to use. But in any event, if the license does change in future, the change will not apply retroactively to the existing version. More here: http://www.question2answer.org/license.php
Thank you Gidgreen. Im not sure about the licences. Im using it with free of cost in public website. So i guess, im fine with using this software..

Thank you for clarifying.. :)

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