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how to get a question list in other website? thanks!

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Burn your feeds using feedburner and fetch it
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this is how you can show them in wordpress. and this one is independent php code using feedburner for other CMSes.

These methods will just show a list of the most recent questions. Is there a code that will actually embed X number of questions as they will appear on the index page of the QA forum?
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its answer is on 


but i also tell about it here.

You got question list in a little process goto 

http://www.blastcasta.com/  and in url enter your question and answers website url and select options like width and others like no. of posts(means questions) and get widget code and paste it where you want to show questions list.

its easy and you also use this as a slide show.

for example if you want to show hot question list enter hot questions url (www.example.com/hot/) .....

i hope it work fine..