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I want  to remove some features from the my question2answers. I want the "hot" featured to be completely removed and also the point system that gives points to the users and the badges given to the users. And which file can we edit to change the horizontal navigation menu to a vertical one.
Many thanks.
Q2A version: 1.5.2

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Badges aren't a core feature, but the other things can be hidden in the admin panel, under various sections. Please take a good look through.

As for changing the navigation menu from vertical to horizontal, you can do this via CSS in a custom theme.
where can we find the option to hide the hot section.
In tha admin panel at pages section

sir the url you have given only remove the hot feature from the main navigation menu but I want to completely remove the 'hot' section. It should not appear even after clicking on 'questions' , and  any suggestions on how to remove the user point system.