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We're going to be using Q&A internally and we would like to provide a link that will automatically login the user using one login.

eg. www.domain.com/login?username=user&password=pass

Can anyone give some insight on this?
This sounds like a very bad idea! This means that the username and password are in clear text in the user's browsing history!
You could consider giving one time keys (a bit like forgot password link) which would work for one login.
normally it would be a bad idea, but this is an internal only affair. All user's would use a base username and password.

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I don't think you can do it using an URL string as you describe. The login uses $_POST instead of $_GET.

The way I understand this is that you would need a <FORM> to post username and password to yoursite/login.

Somebody please correct me if there is a better way.