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Recent Badge Widget not displaying in any position.
Q2A version: 1.5.2

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I've simply installed the plug in and added the recent widget from http://site.extension/index.php/admin/layout using the option http://site.exetension/index.php/admin/layoutwidgets?title=Recent+Badge+Widget and after positioning with this http://site.exetension/index.php/admin/layoutwidgets?edit=11 ( may be that this numebr can be different )

On my site all work  ! !
Thanks, but probably we missunderstand each other. I would like to show up like this: http://www.gameshampoo.com/activity
on the sidebar
yes is correct.
i see exactly how on that site my badges following the actions that i've posted
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I'm also tried this way, that's why asked

Mine link is: mysite.com//admin/layoutwidgets?edit=12
If you'd like to check I send the link

By the way, thanks for your patience