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sometimes it happens that a user uploads an image and another user wants to use this image in his new post.

Problem: He has to upload the image again to put it into his post.


The embed plugin of NoahY considers (png|jpg|jpeg|gif|bmp) -> however, the URL of the uploaded image in q2a looks like that:



Can somebody tell me how I should change the qa-embed-layer.php of the embed plugin to achieve parsing this blob as an image as well?


Line 52 of qa-embed-layer.php:

'image'=>array('(https*:\/\/[-\%_\/.a-zA-Z0-9]+\.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif|bmp))[^< ]*','<img src="$1" style="max-width:'.$w2.'px;max-height:'.$h2.'px" />','img'),

what should be the new regex??


Note 1: All my uploads are images! So every blobid is an image.
Note 2: I changed the CKEditor - so there is no URL field for images anymore.


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I have just realized that a workaround could be to add a ".png" or ".jpg" as extension in the end of the blob URL:




and the embed plugin should detect the image.
How do you do this?
1. Filter module: http://www.question2answer.org/plugins.php
2. RegEx to add .png to the blob link