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When I tried to connect from another machine and failed, I ran the diagnose connection routine. It tells me my machine is not accepting connections. We use Trend Micro's firewall and port 80 is enabled and bidirectional.

I don't have IIS installed. Do I need IIS? My machine has Win 7 Pro on it. It is not a server configuration as I am just evaluating Q2A and WAMP.

When I click "Put Online", what happens under the hood? What UI can I run in the OS that shows me my web folder and the configuration created by "Put Online"?
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No you don't need IIS. In fact Q2A is probably better suited to Apache. The only requirements are (from the front page):

  • PHP 4.3 or later, including PHP 5.x.
  • MySQL 4.1 or later, including MySQL 5.x.

As long as you have that, Q2A will work on any server. Most people use Apache on Linux, but Apahce on Windows like you are using should be fine.

TBH I don't know about the "Put Online" feature of WAMP but I think it allows you to host the website from your computer. You probably want to get some hosting abd upload the files to your hosting using FTP.

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