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I'm making Q/A for high school students.Most of them know well and can contribute more than in one topic, so I want to make them able to select topics in which they want to participate. This would be done in ajax, when subject name is clicked, All activity, Questions, Hot, Unanswered, Tags would be updated to include all selected sites.

Example of what I'm talking about looks like that.

I want to know how to achieve this ?

P.S. I can see I may be able to easier achieve this by tweaking built-in categories, but I plan expanding to even more diverse Q&A sites later and want to be able to have stand-alone site with one topic, as well as one page to filter from which site's databases to load questions, tags, users and other info.


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There's no easy way to make this sort of change to Q2A. I'd recommend using categories if you can make them work for you...
Yeah I already figured that out, I will have to hire a programmer. If I was very low on money I would totally use categories. :)
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+1 for just using categories

Idea: you could give a link to your students such as domain.com/ask?topic=biology and read the URL with jquery. Then set the category automatically according to the topic in the URL.

Yeah I could do that, and I will in worst case if I don't find a programmer to do as I want.