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I've created a new page at http://www.question2answer.org/services.php for listing any commercial providers of Q2A-related services, including theme and plugin development, hosting and setup assistance. There's no charge for being listed so feel free to email me if you have experience in working with Q2A and want to be included. 

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OK, It is QA-Themes.com

  • Creating and selling Themes , Also a Theme Market which now is active for buyers with a decent discount
  • Creating Themes based on your wordpress site, making your themes HTML5 and Responsive
  • Plugin Development
  • Support and Maintenance

Unfortunately I hadn't enough time to put content on this new site. However I have huge business plans for this site as soon as another project is finished you will see big changes in it. It will be a public marketplace for all designers themes and everyone will be able to ask for q2a services from developers available on QA-Themes.com

So far I published some free and very simple themes on add-on page, Twitter Plugin for Q2A and also I have created Google Login, SEO Links (advanced customization), and content slider  plugin which as soon as I can spare some time for last fixing fixings will be published for free!

And this is a just for fun design that I published for free, Metro Theme.

please feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Towhid

Great - I've added this to the list.
Thanks a lot
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Q2A Market www.q2amarket.com

Main Services

  • Premium themes
  • Custom plugin development
  • Customization service
  • Support

Q2A Market provides high quality theme desing and customization service for question2answer website more than a year. Also built website with combination of WordPress and Q&A where many feature integreated with eaach other.


  • WordPress Development
  • Custom HTML, CSS Template and service
  • PSD Graphics Template
  • Media Production

Feel free to contact for any type of support or development at http://www.q2amarket.com/contact-us-for-customized-service/

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ASKIVE : http://askive.cmsbox.jp

This site has equipped plugin which I made. Unpublished(charged) plugin is also in this site.

At 2013/05/19, site is still incomplete(pre-open). I will invite only Q2A users(acquires 500 points in this site) for a while. My site may be interesting to users who is interested in "Closed Site". Recently, I developed "Edit Avatar" plugin. 

Detailed information is here

I am looking forward to talking with developers and servicer of Q2A at this site. 

Best regards.

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