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Hi all. I've just completed a really detailed tutorial on creating Question2Answer plugins, which covers modules, overrides, layers, database access and a lot more. I'd appreciate any brave souls who might be willing to work through it and let me know if anything isn't clear. The tutorial is here:



It became easy to make plugin, thanks to you.

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All looks pretty good to me! Quite clear and covers a lot of different areas. Plus the "reducing SQL queries" section which is pretty important.

The only thing I can suggest is a style thing: make the code contrast a little more, either by brighter colour (#040 -> #080) or add a highlighting JS plugin.
Thanks for looking through it - much appreciated. As for the color, #080 was a little too bright for my taste (on my screen at least) so I met you 3/4 of the way at #070.
Fair enough - on my monitor at home now it does look a bit too pale with #080!
As hightlighter plugin I can recommend: http://yandex.st/highlightjs/7.0/highlight.min.js
Very easy to use: add around your code, and it parses it nicely:
<?php  echo "test"; ?>
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I read it quickly, in the end "10. Where to go from here" I recommend adding:

- check out existing plugins and learn from them [LINK]

... because I learnt most from the existing material, without any tutorial :)

Good idea - I'll add that shortly.