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ckEditor loads slow as it is a heavy javascript file. All I wanted was an image uploader and I had no easy choice but to activate ckEditor. YOu all have noticed how annoying it is when the entie page loads and ckEditor few moments later and resized the editor screen. I have read tips from link below to remove some unwanted buttons from the ckEditor


However it appears to me that it still loads the entire heavy java script, any suggestion as to remove some parts of the code as to keep only the part which relates to uploading the image?

%99 of the users dont bother to change the font color or insert bullets of flash etc, all they want aside from pure text, is just inserting an image from their local computer. For that we are loading entire ckEditor, any tips as to make this script shorter?

Q2A version: Q2A 1.5.3

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there are different discussion on that.

comes to my mind:

1. you can use the markdown editor (image upload should work), read: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/13561/markdown-plugin-updated-v2-2

2. You could built your own "upload area", e.g. in an overlaying div that you call by jquery. After upload to your server, your server returns the URL of the image. Then you let the user paste this URL in the plain text editor. Now you can use the embed-plugin to let the URL be parsed to an image <IMG> automatically.

Have a look how to change upload behaviour of q2a here.



Here is a proposed solution for image upload in q2a without wysiwyg (but relies on external service):


And by chance, this crossed my way today, you can use it for the mentioned "upload area": http://www.jquery4u.com/ajax/image-upload-example/

Thank you for the answer. I really appreciate it, however my problem is still there:
- After spending some time i came to know that markdown  does not come with image uploading as many comments confirm that here:
- external service is not my interest either
- also as a general jquery image up-loader, here is one of the best in the net,
 but i do not know that much of programming to
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