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it has happened numerous times that i had posted a comment, answer or a question and the hit the button to post the respective data , but i was returned to the same page with an unsuccessful post of the respective data, any ideas about this bug?

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Thanks for your bug report.

First, I am assuming that no error message was shown on the form, e.g. due to the content being too short, or the email address being invalid.

So please let me know which web browser you were using (with exact version) and whether you clicked the button to post or pressed return. Also, were you logged in or not? And finally, are you talking about this Q&A site or one you installed on your own server?
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Your assumption is valid...
Browser:Firefox 3.6
i pressed return most of the time, but i remember happened once even when i clicked the button
And it happened here and on my own installation as well, infact it happened when i was posting the above question.
It has happened during posting the title, comment, question and answer, infact on every text taking field...

* It has occurred again during this post as well, i clicked the button tp post, now i am posting it for the 2nd time, thanks God i had copied it before posting :)
Thanks. I will see if I can reproduce the problem. If you can find any other characteristics about when it happens, please let me know. One possibility is that it happens if the form is displayed a long time before it is posted?
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I'm afraid I've not been able to reproduce this problem. I tried many different browsers, including Firefox 3.6.

Is it possible you have some kind of extension in your browser, or proxy on your network, that is interfering with HTTP POST requests?

If any other users have seen this problem, please comment about it here.